scam-busters-alertIf It looks Too Good To Be True It Probably is!

Well I guess there is a saying, and its one I never liked since to some extent it does kill off a perfectly god business deal. The saying is “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is”.

However I guess when you read deeper into it, what it is really saying be careful with any opportunity that appears to have no obvious downside to it.

Reasearch The Company “National Networked Investigations Dean Wright”


Do your research, and try and make sure that your research is meaningful and also maybe try NOT to look only for reasons to back up why you think you should take the opportunity. With Dean Wright, National Networked Investigations and of course ‘Become a PI’ (SIT) although it does not make it right in anyway what they did and continue to do to people, there were signs that it was a Scam.

Try NOT to let Desperation Cloud Your Vision

I suppose people get desperate, and that desperation causes them to make wrong decisions, or not be thorough with the checks they are doing. I also guess that we are conditioned to some extent to think that things will get betterand keep looking for the silver lining, those sorts of things can and do cloud your judgments however.

When you think that in this day and age someone who has intent to take money from others under false pretences, can easily and quickly set up a website that makes them look like a bona fide business. Some of these sites now come in template form so that all you have to do is make content changes (basically the text within the website) and you can easily change the company name, the company address and other things about the company quite quickly.

Once you have done this, you can sign up a new domain online and have your company website up and running within a few hours. Thats why checking the date the domain was first registered is useful, because you can see how long this company has been alive online, and this is significant, especially when you cannot find information about how long the company has been trading from other places.

Check The Regsitration Date of the Domain


The Dean Wright National Networked Investigations site was registered in the summer of 2016, so this was definately a red flag, but is 1 red flag enough to stop you working with them?, of course not. But the next check is to try and ascertain if the company is a limited company registered in the country they say?, Now in the UK the companies house website is easy to access and has a free tool for checking a companies limited company registration number.

Quite simply if it does not have one then this is yet another red flag. Now at times like this you might find yourself justifying it by saying ahh welll they may be part of a larger company, this could be a large error on your part. Please be aware I am not being critical here I am just trying to help people to spot these scams, especially the second time around.

Check The Company Address


Next you might try to contact them by writing, to them at the address they have given you, if there is no reply then maybe try Googling the address and trying to identify if this address is on some sort of business park. Talking by phone to the business park administration team should allow you to understand if this business is in fact operating from this business park/temporary business address. If you cannot make contact with them through what they say is their business address, then again this is another red flag.

Then you can check the telephone number, please be aware there are many software tools that will allow a telephone number to appear like the call is routed from some other destination. For instance it is possible for someone to have an Oxford telephone number, but a piece of computer software running that then re directs that call to a mobile phone.somewhere else.