National Networked Investigations Rip Off Report #1So what motivates groups like National Networked Investigations? Well I guess people like Dean Wright decide its far easier to take money from people who have worked hard for it, than it is for him to put in a days work himself.

Also it is wright 🙂 what others have said, on the other websites that have written in detail about the scam perpetuated by Dean Wright and National Networked Investigations scammers.

He definately advised me that he had at least 20 leads per week to be ditributed to me, when I askedhow he could back that up he said that my particular geographical area was a very busy one. This rings true again, with what others have said he also told them. If you look at the Close Protection website

Close Protection World

It first of all shows this guy who calls himself Dean Wright, creating an advertisement on the site, and then a whole series of posts from people who have fallen foul of his scam. It just shows I guess how easy it can be to start one of these awful scams especially when we for whatever are a little desperate and dont look as closely at things as we should. Anyway please dont think I am being critical of anyone, I have fallen for this ploy too remember.

Then there is another website where someone is also highlighting the same issue, the site is:

Scammed By NNI Dean Wright and SIT

When I first looked at this site I could see that this person had been through exactly the same thing as me, the letters pblished that detailed exactly how Dean Wright of National Networked Investigations and SIT had managed the whole scam process, looked exactly like the ones that I got from him.

It is also great now that people are reporting the issue, hopefully the scam company National Networked Investigations will have far more difficulty in continuing to perpetuate their scam on other people.

I have also seen the site Rip Off Report, that have also highlighted the issue for some people, their site is:

National Networked Investigations Rip Off Report #1

National Networked Investigations Rip Off Report #2

Till next time please be careful these people are queueing up to do this sort of thing and hopefully articles like these will highlight that is is definately a scam.