National Networked Investigations

I saw this company advertising on job board in early January 2017, I was feeling a little bored with my current job and so decided to reply to the advertisement.

The company was National Networked Investigations, I sent my reply and in a few days was contacted by a person calling himself Dean Wright, he signed his emails as the General Manager of this company.

Dean Wright Requested Personal Information Pretending to be offering Work?

When he contacted me he asked for information pertaining to my name, address and professional skills. He said that he wanted these details to do an evaluation of my skills against the job of being a private investigator with his company.

I sent him the information he asked for and waited for his response, he asked if I had any sort of criminal convictions, and I told him that I had not. He replied informing me that I fitted the criteria of the kind of person he was looking for and then offered me a position as a self employed private investigator working through his company.

Next Dean Wright of National Networked Investigations informed me that his company had a large backlog of leads for private investigation work that he would like to pass to me and that these 20 or more leads per week would be available as soon as I passed a course.

He went on to say that as my role would be self employed he would pass me the leads and then take a portion of the clients fee as the cost of these leads, he said the training course would cost over £575  but that they would pay half and then I needed to pay the other half to be eligible for the 20 leads per week he had promised.

Dean Wright made it clear that to be eligible to work on the leads he had, I would have to pay for and take the course on the SIT website, which was:

Mandatory Training To Be Eligible For the 20 Leads Per Week

Things were a little tight financially but I thought it was a good way to start a new small business and thought that I would recover the cost quite quickly. I passed the course very quickly within about 7 days, and I was expecting some leads to be presented for me to look at while I was going through the course.

No Leads and Realisation of the SCAM

But it has now been approximately 6 weeks and I have had no leads at all, I have tried to contact the mysterious Dean Wright but he refuses to answer my calls, he emailed me to say that the Live team would be in contact but they have not contacted me at all.

I now realise from seeing other articles on sites like

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That I have most probably been another victim of the scam set up by National Networked Investigations, Dean Wright and SIT.

I have emailed both National Networked Investigations and SIT to ask for my money back but neither one of them are getting back to me. I realise I am just another victim now and that they never had any intention of sending me the work they promised.