Dean Wrights Rip Off Scam

Scams like the National Networked Investigations one, need to be considered by people who fall prey to them and indeed banks, and other agencies that look into the fraud.

These people sem to set up their scams without registering proper company details with the relevant companies house type organisations, thats probably because they have NO intention of running a proper bona fide company.

Its much easier for them to rip people off, bcause in reality they have nothing to offer in terms of a real business or support service. So they make massively inflated claims about leads that they say they intend to send you.

But and there is always a but…Right?

You are only going to get the spoils once you have either given them bank details, or in this case once you have parted with £287.50, that they have faithfully promised they will  pay the other half of.

Of course its a scam designed to split the money with the other group of scam artists, in this case ‘Become a PI’ or SIT as they were calling themselves.

I have noticed they are still trying to advertise in different places and people are still saing ohhhh maybe its a scam but I am not sure….Well people lets wake up its definately a scam and the guy Dean Wright is just a waster.

Some of my friends would like to get hold of him and have a right proper meeting with him but hes far too scared about meeting, I know cos I have tried.

If you thinks its inaccurate Dean?, Then why dont we have some of your comments, but please dont tell us again about your IT system, it seems that what you really know about IT systems, you could write on the back of a stamp, and as for you passing anybody work for anything,,,All you really need is a bank account to steal their money right.

Parasites In What they call Business

Parasites like you make me sick, you dont even have the courage to face the people you rip off, you just continually carry on regardless. I sincerely hope you get whats coming cos you know what they say my friend ‘What goes around comes around’ and when it does it could not happen to a more deserving person.